Deaf Interpreters in Europe

Hello! We now want to explain the Erasmus plus Project on “Developing Deaf Interpreters in Europe”. This project is coordinated by the Danish Deaf association (DDA) and has four more partners: University of Hamburg (UHH); Humak University of Applied Science (Humak); Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC) and the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFLSI).

With the aim of promoting and researching deaf interpreters in Europe, the partners are focused on several themes related with interpreting. IPC’s two research themes are “Deaf interpreters on TV” and “International Sign Interpreting”. At the moment we are engaged in the first one. We have done some research based on literature on the matter and interviews to deaf interpreters and we think that it will be a gain for everybody, deaf community, hearing and deaf interpreters, to have a deaf interpreter in the signed language screen inset. This contributes positively for deaf community identity and for deaf people to be the linguistic models. In what concerns the other paper that we are preparing we intend to reflect on the fact of using International Sign when interpreting can provide more accessibility and be a gain or can it be a linguistic loss? However we have barely started working on that. When we get into it deeper we will update this information.

The project “Developing Deaf Interpreters in Europe” has already had three meetings and one seminar. The meetings were at DDA, Humak and again at DDA. Besides this last meeting there has been a seminar transmitted life stream! This seminar put together several countries that came to attend it and allowed a very interesting and fruitful exchange of ideas! IPC is very proud of participating in this project!

Good work!