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INTENSIVE STUDY PROGRAMME – Inclusive Education in Early Childhood Education: Developing Good Practices

In this Project we adopt a broader point of view, which considers inclusive education as a process to foster participation and increase the attendance of vulnerable and marginalized children at school (including children with disabilities). Inclusive education in this sense is regarded as the primary way to achieve “Education for All”.

Developing Good Practices: Inclusive Education in Early Childhood is an Erasmus Plus funded project that aims to develop a manual with models of inclusive practice from the participating countries. The model is supported by examples of good practice, activities and case studies to support pre and inservice teachers working with children from birth to 8.


8 Students from each of these Universities and University Colleges:

22 teachers from the same HEI

What to expect

– Lectures by  experts
– Workshops  by colleagues from different countries
– Good practices : visits in small international groups to schools and preschools, SEN structures and institutions

– observing time in the classroom
– talk with teachers, care coordinators , directors
– reflection time (within international group)

Staff Profiles
Gözde Akyüz
Balıkesir University, Turkey (see Profile)
Karen Hudson
Northumbria University (see Profile)
Gülcan Öztürk
Balıkesir University, Turkey (see Profile)
Vera Vale
School of Education of the Polytechnic of Coimbra, Portugal (see Profile)
Ana Coelho
School of Education of the Polytechnic of Coimbra, Portugal (see Profile)
Elin Holm Rasmussen
University College, South Denmark (see Profile)
Els Callens
VIVES University College, Belgium (see Profile)